The municipality of Alcúdia is situated in the north-east of the island of Mallorca, on the peninsula which separates the two bays of Alcúdia and Pollensa. It covers a surface area of 60 km2 and has more than 30 km of coastline.


Because of it's privileged situation, Alcúdia has been witness of many Mediterranean cultures throughout several centuries. The first found of archeological remains dates back to the time before the Bronce Age (2000-1200 B.C.).
After conquering the island, the Romans founded the town of Pollèntia in A.D. 123. They embellished their conquest as if it were a miniature Rome by constructing temples, palaces, townhouses and a theatre. The invasions of the Vandals in the 5th century A.D. plunged Polléntia into a process of decadence and destruction.
In 902 the Arab conquered Mallorca, founded a new town and named it Alcúdia (the hill). Finally the Catalan King Jaume I. conquered the island in 1229. Only a few years later Alcúdia was declared to be the capitel of the parish district and the construction of the first ring of town walls began. The second ring of walls was built in the 17th century to reforce the existing walls and to defend the town.

Places of interest

Archeological Remains of the roman city of Pol.lentia.
The Roman Theatre.
Monografic Museum of Pol.lentia.
Medieval Walls.
Ca´n Torro Library.
Church of Sant Jaume.
La Sala (Alcúdia Town Hall).

Markets, Fair and Festivities

Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Sundays, market stallholders from all over the island offer their products: fruit, vegetables, flowers, clothes, footwear, handicraft....


 January: 6th of January Three Kings with procession, fireworks and presents for the children.
17th and 20th of January respectively Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià, celebrated with bonfires in the streets.
 Easter: Processions on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
 June: 29th of June San Pere, patron saint of the fishermen. Seaprocession in Puerto Alcúdia.
 July: 1st and 2nd of July Mare de Déu de la Victòria.
25th of July Sant Jaume, patron saint of Alcúdia. A week full of festivities.
 October: The Alcúdia fair takes place on the first weekend of October.